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Welcome to the Pine Mountains' web site.  The last five announcements are listed below.  For a complete listing of announcements and news please access the Announcements and Newsletters pages.

Rocky Mountain Power Message

Homes in our area have been having quite a few power bumps this summer. Most bumps have been short-lived (causing clock-resets only), and some have been longer (causing UPS and generators to kick on). As of today, Rocky Mountain Power claims to have found and rectified a possible cause and would like customers to report future power bumps and outages to this number: (888) 221-7070 so they can verify if the problem has been corrected. (09/04/2016)


Due to a conflict with the County, Pine Mountains Annual Meeting has been changed from Friday September 23rd to Friday, September 30th. The meeting will start at 7:00 p.m. See the listing below on the website for additional information. Sorry for any inconvenience. (08/22/16)

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of Pine Mountain Mutual Water Co. will be held Friday September 23, 2016 in the Salt Lake County Council Chambers. The address is 2100 South and State Street in the North Building. Enter from 2100 South for parking across from the building. Anyone interested in becoming a candidate for the Board should contact Election Committee Chairman Jolene Stephens at 801-792-8992 or jpgemsutah@yahoo.com for nomination information. The deadline to have a bio in the proxy and Annual report is August 31st. (07/19/16)

Security Reminder

As we approach the upcoming holiday weekends and throughout the summer ,a friendly reminder that ALL residents are responsible for their ATV/UTV, vehicles, and guests behavior. Please note the posted speed limit is 15mph on all paved roads within Pine Mtn. and 10mph on all dirt roads and sharp curves. We will have security patrolling the association throughout the weekend of July 4th, July 24th Weekend and Labor day weekend. Please note if you or your guest are speeding, or driving recklessly the Homeowner will receive a ticket and associated fine. Please remember that while everyone enjoys our community during these busier weekends please be respectful of everyone and our community. (06/28/16)

Saturday Work Party

The Board wants to thank everyone who came and helped on Saturday, June 25th. The projects assigned were completed and the hot dog lunch was a good time to meet new and old neighbors. Next year and every year it will be the Saturday after Father's Day. Mark your calendars. (06/28/16)


Snowmobile owners. We have several snowmobiles that have been abandoned. They need to be claimed and moved to the owners property by July 30, 2016. Any snowmobiles remaining after this date will be hauled away and disposed of. If one of these snowmobiles is yours and you need more information, call a member of the Board. We would have called you with this announcement, but could not find a lot number on the machine. Pine Mountain Board (06/19/2016)


We need four people to help with Security on July 3rd (2), July 4th (3) and July 5th (2). The hours are 10am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm each day. Please contact Darin Ross at:

1-801-598-3757 Cell


All trailers in the burn pile area must be removed by June 1, 2016 or face a fine of $75.00 per day for each day they remain. (05/25/2016)

Burn Pile

The only items acceptable to put on the burn pile is vegetation that has grown at Pine Mountains. No tree stumps as they won't burn due to the dirt around the roots. No construction materials of any type. Fines will be imposed on anyone breaking these rules. (05/25/2016)

East Gate Parking Area

Anyone wishing to park a trailer in this area must contact Brad Peacock at 435-783-7796 or 435-640-7444 to be shown the location to put it. (05/25/2016)

Road Conditions

All roads are open as of 05/23/2016.
All roads are open in Pine Mountain except for upper Shingle Mill from the "S" curve to the start of Blue Spruce. (05/14/2016)

Burn Pile

The burn pile will be open to receive Pine Mountain natural, burnable materials on June 1st. Remember no stumps, construction or other materials. "If it grows at Pine Mountain, it can be burned at Pine Mountain." All other materials should be taken to the dump at Three Mile Canyon Landfill, off SR 32 across from Rockport Reservoir. (05/05/2016)


The west and east gates are now open. You can drive on Targhee between both of them. Four wheel drive recommended. All other roads are still snow and ice covered and travel not advised. (04/17/2016)

Snow Gates

Many of you have come asking about snow gates opening. At the current time we are tentatively planning on opening gates around April 15th. This date will still depend on snow melt and accumulation of new snow. (04/04/2016)

Road Conditions

The snow has melted in both parking lots. Snowmobiles will have some distance to travel on bare ground before they get to where there is snow, especially on the West side. Snow is melting on the roads and there are moguls to contend with as the groomer can't be used with the current snow depth. Be aware of slushy conditions in the afternoon. (03/17/2016)

Annual Meeting - Date Change

The date of the annual meeting of the Upper Weber Property Owners Association was previously mis-stated. The correct date and time is March 21, 2016 at 6:30 P.M. This is a Monday night. (02/29/2016)

New Board Member

Darin Ross, who received the second highest number of votes at the Annual Meeting last September was appointed to the Board. He will serve the remainder of Carl O'Gwin's term after his passing away on January 15th. (02/26/2016)

Annual Meeting - Upper Weber Property Owners Association

The annual meeting of the Upper Weber Property Owners Association will be held March 21, 2016 at 6:30 P.M. This is a Monday night. There will be representatives there from Summit County,The Sheriff's Department, Fire Warden, Fish and Game and other local agency's to discuss items of interest and answer questions from cabin and property owners in the Canyon. Please plan to attend. The meeting will be held at the County complex, North Building in the County council chambers. The address is 2100 South State, SLC - the building is on the North East corner. (02/12/16)

Board Member Carl O'Gwin Passed Away

Long time board member Carl O'Gwin passed away at his home on January 15, 2016. We appreciate the many years and hours of service Carl gave to the Pine Mountain community. We give our condolences to his wife Marilyn and their children. Please view his obituary at the following link: Carl O'Gwin

Snow Gates Closing

Gates will be closed for the winter season at 9:00 A.M. on Monday, November 30. This is the Monday after Thanksgiving. Please have all vehicles down in the parking lots if you plan on staying longer so you won't get locked in. (11/28/15)

Road Conditions

The East side is very snowy and icy with only patches of asphalt showing in some areas. FOUR WHEEL DRIVE STRONGLY ADVISED. The West side being less hilly is not as bad but would still advise four wheel drive in most areas especially the higher parts. More snow predicted prior to the holiday, so the roads should only be worse. (11/25/2015)

Election Committee

In an effort to improve the election process for the Pine Mountain Board, we are seeking three Pine Mountain Members who would be willing to serve as an election committee for two years. If you have interest in helping out, please send us a short E-Mail indicating your willingness to serve. The following is a short description of the duties:

1. Elect a Chairperson for the group
2. Receive all letters of intent to run for the Board.
3. Gather all voting material from members, whether by Mail, E-Ballots, or in person at the annual meeting.
4. Tally all votes and report to the membership at the annual meeting.
5. A more detailed list will be provided by the Board as a guide.

It is the Board's intent to keep the election separate from other year-end duties. Please submit your interest E-Mail or Letter to the following:
markmemmott@msn.com or 3527 Summer Oaks Circle, SLC, UT 84121

Thanks for your support in this matter. (10/31/2015)

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