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Welcome to the Pine Mountains' web site.  The last five announcements are listed below.  For a complete listing of announcements and news please access the Announcements and Newsletters pages.

Snow Gates

The snow gates will be closed for the season at 10:00 A.M. on Friday, December 1st. If snow gets too deep to make driving dangerous, the gates may close sooner. We will keep you posted. (11/19/2017)

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of Shareholders for fiscal year 2018 of Pine Mountains Water and Management Inc. will be held Friday, September 22, 2017, at 7:00 PM at the KAMAS CITY HALL, 170 North Main Street, Kamas, Utah 84036. Please note the change in location from last year. (09/01/2017)

Garbage Dump

Please review the attached letter from the Weber Canyon Association. The Canyon Association is working for the homeowners in the Canyon. The letter explains what is being done about the dump and the fee that we all were charged. Canyon Association Letter (06/22/2017)

Lost Keys

A set of keys was turned in to Merrill Ross (801-255-7242) If they are yours, call Merrill with a description and he will get them returned to you. (06/04/2017)

West Green Gate

This gate is now working and can be used for entry and exit from Pine Mountain. DO NOT use the black gate through the burn pile. Thank you (06/03/17)

The West green gate is closed for repairs. Use the black gate through the burn pile area or the East red gate until the West green gate is operational again. If all goes well it should be working again within a week. (05/31/2017)

Road Report

All roads are open except the top of Shingle Mill from Lot 750 to the junction of Blue Spruce and Shingle Mill. Melting fast, traffic should be able to access sometime next week. (05/20/2017)

Road Conditions

All roads in Pine Mountain are open with the exception of Shingle Mill from the "S" curve to where it joins Blue Spruce. (05/15/2017)

Road Conditions

The following roads are still closed due to snow conditions. White Pine Circle and most of Red Fir. Uncompahgre, East end of Caribou and also East end of Ashley. Blue spruce and from the junction of Uintah and Shingle Mill as well as East Targhee. The rest of Pine Mountain is open. There is still some snow on open roads but is passable. Use caution. (04/26/2017)

Coyote Warning

A coyote was recently spotted on Conifer. They have a den in the hills South of Pine Mountain and have been around for some time. Folks have heard them howling at night. A reminder to keep small pets from running loose. Easy coyote food. (04/24/2017)

Snow Gates

The gates at both entrances are open with limited access to impassable roads. The usual barricades are in place to close roads where travel is not yet allowed due to snow conditions. Please be cautious and observe the closed areas. The barricades will be moved as conditions permit. (04/19/2017)

Ron Taylor

Ron Taylor, long time Pine Mountain Board Member (Secretary), passed away on Friday the 14th. He and his contributions to the community will be missed. (04/19/2017)

Road Conditions

The snow gates remained closed as snow is still deep enough on the roads to allow vehicle traffic. If this weather continues, we could open them in one or two more weeks. We will post when the roads are open and which ones are drivable. It will be some time before the whole subdivision can be accessed by cars and trucks. (04/14/2017)

Snow Gates

The snow gates remain closed even though snow has melted from the shop and lower parking areas. We still have 2 to 4 feet of snow in most of Pine Mountains on the roads above . We will post when the gates are opened and how far you can travel on the roads when that time arrives. (3/27/2017)

Upper Weber Canyon Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Upper Weber Canyon Property Owners Association will be held Monday, March 13th, 2017 at 7:00 P.M. It will be at the Salt Lake County Complex, North Building, in the Commission chambers. 21st South and State Street. Enter from 21st South or 100 East. There will be representatives there from Summit County to discuss and answer questions concerning the new proposed garbage fee and fire suppression. The sheriffs department and Fish and Game will also be present with their agenda and to answer questions. (02/11/2017)

Lost and Found

With winter road conditions and many members carrying or hauling items in by foot or snowmobile, items tend to fall out and become lost. If you have lost or found any items please contact any Pine Mtn Board member with the information. (01/25/2017)

Current LOST Items:
Ladies SOREL boots, black with cream tops ~ Sat Jan 21st around noon ~ Street: Piney or Ashley

Current FOUND Items:
Car Keys with a tag saying Green Subaru Forester

Changes in Garbage Services from Republic Services

We have been notified by the Landfill Superintendent of the following:

The Three Mile dump at Wanship will have to be relocated which will cost millions of dollars over several years.

Also noted was, Weber Canyon does not have trash carts. We were told that the billing was wrong and should not have said 1 65 gallon cart.

There is major confusion within Summit County as to exactly what these charges are for. We are working with the county and will be going to a Summit County meeting in the near future to clarify these changes and charges. If you were billed for a lot only (without a cabin) you do not have to pay the bill. Just note on the bill (no dwelling at this lot number) and return the bill. (01/04/2017)

NOTICE - 10/24/2016

1. All members who have trailers in the East and West parking lot area need to move them to the burn pile area, along the outer fence area. The burn pile area will be open for moving of these trailers as soon as the burn pile cools down. Approx., 10/28/2016. Call a Board member if you have questions.

2. We cannot accept any additional dead fall material until next spring. We have been able to obtain a burn permit and the piles are gone for the season. Thanks to all that helped clean their lots and now have some defensible space around their cabins. We will be able to accept approved material again next spring.

3. A reminder that if you have not prepared your cabin for winter, now would be a good time. Very cool nights are already with us. .

4. Two weeks ago a member had their car broken into, at their cabin, and lost some personal items. Remember to always lock your car or truck while spending time in Pine Mountain and always close the main gates.

5. Lastly, we have now lost two Stop Signs and two Speed Limit signs on our streets. Please watch and report any one removing these important safety signs to a Board member.

Tips For Selling Your Cabin or Changing Mailing Address

For whatever reasons, right now we have are having a high number of cabins and lots being sold in Pine Mountain. We, as the Board, would like to remind all of our members that it is the responsibility of the current home or lot owner to notify a member of the Pine Mountain Board of the sale or pending sale. Before we can update our records and change the responsible party we need the following information for our records.

1. Name: This should be how the purchasing party wants the property listed on our records.

2. We must have a mailing address for future billings. Remember that the United States Postal Service (USPS) does not deliver mail in PM. We will not accept an address such as 5554 Conifer Dr. This must be a Post Office Box or we prefer a street address here in the valley or where ever you live. Make sure you include your zip code.

3. We also need current phone numbers: Prefer home and cell or just the cell if that is all you are now using. If you can please provide at least two phone numbers that we can contact you with.

4. We now are sending out a lot of the notification thru E-Mail. Please provide us your preferred E-Mail address.

If we cannot receive all of this requested information on a sale our records cannot be changed. Please help us keep the records up to date and our cost down.

Annual Meeting Highlights

Thanks to all that attended the annual meeting on Friday evening. Here are the highlights from the meeting:

1 - Bob Hart was re-elected to the Board.
2 - Darin Ross was re-elected to the Board.
3 - Trudy Nielsen was elected to the Board.

Three HOT topics came up for discussion by the members present:

1 - Gates being left open on the East and West ends. Discussion as to how the Board should deal with this issue. Suggestions were to 1 - Video both gates, 2 - Change the fine from $75 to $500 per violation. This would require a change in the By-laws and could appear on next year's report for a vote by the membership, 3 - Close the East gate all together. This one came after the meeting by a member offering suggestions. The Board will be dealing with this issue as a top priority. Close the gates or you will be fined.

2 - Speeding by members and guests. This is another issue that is an ongoing one for the members. We need everyone's help in slowing down - both members and guests before someone gets seriously hurt while trying to enjoy their cabin at Pine Mountain.

3 - Barking Dogs ... Once again we are asking all members to control their dogs. They are not to be left outside while you are at work. Members were told to call Summit County Animal control for help on this issue. Advise the Board of the Lot number, and fines will be sent to the offenders.

The other two items that required a vote both passed. Annual Assessment will stay the same and a new rule to the By-laws to NOT ALLOW CANAPY TYPE STRUCTURES in Pine Mountains. One more item, Summit County is changing the address for all of us in the Canyon. Watch for this change. Please call a Board Member if you have any question on the meeting.

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