All West Communications

All West provides telephone and internet services for the Pine Mountains community. Located in Kamas at 50 West 100 South. Phone: 435 783-4361    

Burn Pile

As a general policy The Board closes the burn pile every year in September and it remains closed until spring. Only natural materials are to go on the burn pile. The practice of setting debris along the side of roads after the annual June cleanup is discouraged. Any debris collected on lots after the June cleanup should be taken to the burn pile by property owners.

Canadian Thistle

Canadian Thistles are the type of Thistles we have at Pine Mountains. These weeds can be controlled by using the following:

Weedestroy AM-40 Amine Salt
Dimethylamine Salt of 2, 4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid

These liquid sprays are available at the IFA Feed and Seed store in Marion.

Dumpster - Weber Canyon Dump Site

The hours of the Weber Canyon Road dumpster facility continually change. As of November 2009, the open hours are 10:00am to 5:00pm Friday through Monday. To accommodate after hours drop off, a 24-hour walkthrough gate is accessible to a dumpster. If you have construction materials, old mattresses, refrigerators or other large household items, you have to take them to the Summit County Landfill located at Three Mile Canyon Road off SR32.

The dumpster is provided as a service by Summit County and it is to be used to collect HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE only.

Gates & Gate Keys

The gates must be locked at all times to promote security. Gate keys may be obtained from any board member for a fee of $25. The gates are generally closed for the winter after the Thanksgiving weekend and they are opened in the Spring depending on snow conditions. Regular road condition reports are posted to this website.

Ken's Kash

Located in Oakley at 980 West Center Street. Phone: 435 783-5531


Three Mile Canyon Landfill. 6550 West Three Mile Canyon Road. Open Monday - Saturday 8am - 4pm.
Take the Wanship Exit off of Interstate 80 onto Rte.32. Proceed 3.5 miles. The landfill entrance is opposite the Rockport Reservoir with a small landfill sign and a big UTELITE sign on the gate. There's also a street sign that says Three Mile Canyon Road. The landfill is open from 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Saturday and the cost is 10 cents per pound.

Oakley Polar King

The Polar King is located in Oakley at 4657 N State Road 32. Phone 435 783-5525

Oakley Rodeo

The annual Oakley Rodeo is held each year over the 4th of July weekend. Visit the Oakley Rodeo Web Site for ticket information.

Pine Beetles

To spray and try to prevent Pine Beetles in your pine trees, the following is suggested:

Hi Yield 55% Malathion or Hi Yield 38 plus with permethrin.

This spray is available at the IFA Feed and Seed store in Marion.

Road Island Diner

The Road Island Diner is located at the mouth of Weber Canyon (981 W Weber Canyon Rd). Hours M-F: 11am - 8pm, Sat: 8am - 8pm; Sun 8am - 2pm. Phone 435 783-3467.

Storage Sheds - East

The East Storage Sheds are owned and operated by a private party. To obtain rental information contact Rob Pinkerton at 801 942-1491 or 435 783-7062. The parking area around the storage units is restricted to renters only.

Storage Sheds - West

The West Storage Sheds are owned and operated by Pine Mountain Storage, LLC. Contact Tyler Healey at 801 910-7449 or email him at

Weller Recreation

Snowmobile and ATV sales and service. Located in Kamas at 2972 North 900 East. Phone: 435 783-4718


If you have questions about our wildlife, alive or dead, you can contact the State Division of Wildlife at 801 476-2740.

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