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Snow Gates

The snow gates will be closed for the season at 10:00 A.M. on Friday, December 1st. If snow gets too deep to make driving dangerous, the gates may close sooner. We will keep you posted. (11/19/2017)

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of Shareholders for fiscal year 2018 of Pine Mountains Water and Management Inc. will be held Friday, September 22, 2017, at 7:00 PM at the KAMAS CITY HALL, 170 North Main Street, Kamas, Utah 84036. Please note the change in location from last year. (9/1/2017)

Garbage Dump

Please review the attached letter from the Weber Canyon Association. The Canyon Association is working for the homeowners in the Canyon. The letter explains what is being done about the dump and the fee that we all were charged. (6/22/2017)

Lost Keys

A set of keys was turned in to Merrill Ross (801-255-7242) If they are yours, call Merrill with a description and he will get them returned to you. (6/4/2017)

West Green Gate

The West green gate is closed for repairs. Use the black gate through the burn pile area or the East red gate until the West green gate is operational again. If all goes well it should be working again within a week. This gate is now working and can be used for entry and exit from Pine Mountain. DO NOT use the black gate through the burn pile. Thank you (6/3/2017)

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