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As of May 16, 2013, the snow has melted to the point where ALL ROADS ARE NOW OPEN to vehicle traffic. Enjoy the spring and summer at Pine Mountain (5/16/2013)

Road Report - May 2, 2013

The following roads are closed to traffic: From the junction of Shingle Mill and Uintah to the top of Blue Spruce, Pinion Pine Circle. The following are open but 4 wheel drive strongly suggested: East Ashley, East Caribou, Caribou Court, East Targhee, Blue Spruce from Uintah to just past the open space (view area) on the top and Red Fir. All other roads open to all traffic. (5/2/2013)

Spring 2013 Newsletter

The Spring 2013 Newsletter has been added to the website. Please use the link to the newsletters to download a copy of it. (4/29/2013)

April 25, 2013 - ROADS NOW OPEN

All of the West side roads are open to auto and truck traffic with the exception of Sugar Pine and Red Fir. They can be accessed with a GOOD FOUR WHEEL DRIVE VEHICLE. East Side...The Eastern parts of Caribou and Ashley plus Caribou Court and Umcompahgre are still closed to all traffic .Uintah is open just past Blue Spruce. Piney is partially open from the West but closed from the middle to Uintah. Blue Spruce can be accessed from Uintah but with FOUR WHEEL DRIVE VEHICLES ONLY. Most of it remains closed from Merrill Ross' cabin (lot 794) to Shingle Mill. Be aware not all roads are clear and dry but have sections of some snow and ice which is passable to vehicle traffic. (4/25/2013)

April 7, 2013 - GATES ARE OPEN

The West and East gates are OPEN as well as Targhee and Uintah between them. Some side roads are also accessible. FOUR WHEEL DRIVE ONLY. (4/7/2013)

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