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Road Conditions

NULWest side open to all vehicles. East Caribou and East Ashley limited to trucks and higher clearance cars, Uintah open to Shingle Mill. Blue Spruce closed after Richards Lot 793. L (4/22/2018)

Snow Gates

The Pine Mountains Gate are now open with limited access on Blue Spruce Drive and Shingle Mill Drive. Just a quick reminder that we ask you to not drive around any barricades. Looking forward to a safe and fun summer!! (4/19/2018)

Snow Gates

We will be opening the gates with limited access once a car can drive from the West gate to the East gate and as long as the weather permits.Check back for further updates. (4/4/2018)

Upper Canyon Annual Meeting

NUThe Annual meeting of Upper Weber Canyon Property Owner's Association (for Weber Canyon East of Oakley) will be held March 19th, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at the Salt Lake County complex, Council chamber, North building , 2100 South State (enter on 2100 South or 1st East). Plenty of parking available, covered and non-covered. All Canyon property owners are invited. There will be representatives from Summit County Sheriff, Forest Service, Division of Wildlife, Summit County Fire Warden, Summit County Landfill, All West and possibly Rocky Mountain Power. They will give presentations and be available to answer questions any member might have. (3/18/2018)


We have had members ask what our snow grooming policy is: Snow grooming of our roads will start once the road base reaches 18" or greater of snow pack. If operated on anything less we risk damaging the snowcat and/or the asphalt on the roads. Beginning the first part of winter and less often as spring arrives and once the snowpack is greater than 18", grooming is scheduled for once per week or as needed. Due to the lack of snowfall this winter season, we have not been able to groom like in years past. We appreciate your understanding. Once there is an adequate snow base, we have every intention of grooming the roads. (2/28/2018)

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